Get more out of your point cloud data with our BuildIT Construction tools

Our laser scanning services provide a comprehensive, 3D analysis of your project. From complex structures and as-build conditions to organic outdoor spaces, our comprehensive 3D scanning services convert reality into functional data.

Ask up about hosting your content on our powerful 4D Platform. Use our cloud-based software platform to plan, visualize and publish your content to engage your customers like never before.

Get your team up to speed with emerging reality capture technology. 4D Concepts provides hands-on training and on-boarding for your team to quickly update your capabilities and workflow.

Ask about our 3D virtual tours created with our Matterport cameras. Export point clouds, meshes, and floor plans for BIM and CAD. Ensure projects are on track with regular documentation with our hosting and planning solutions.

Our team professionals can create accurate 3D models of your assets or spaces in CAD or any visualization software you are comfortable with. We also offer model decimation and optimization services for realtime applications such as VR / AR.

Accelerate your growth by integrating your existing processes with powerful software automation. We help our clients upgrade their workflow by incorporating new technology and processes that significantly improve productivity.

We help our clients to analyze and process their data generated during reality capture. We have the knowledge to convert your data into a CAD model for as-built documentation or interactive 3D spaces.

4D Concepts offers high-quality 3D visualization services to our clients. We deliver photorealistic renderings, animations and interactive environments that add value to any project.